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At Minnesota Masonic Home, we believe improving the quality of life of our residents is critical to providing quality care. That means offering outstanding health care as well as engaging and inspiring the people who call our beautiful campus “home.”

We like to give our residents extra attention during periods in which they must be separated from their loved ones, such as the current virus protocols demand. Loved ones are encouraged to connect often by phone, and to regularly touch base with their designated MMH social worker. Here are some other suggestions for staying connected:

Write a letter

A hand-written letter from a loved one is food for the soul! Now is a great time to relive old memories on paper or ask questions you’d love answers to. No need to worry; in the event that your loved one finds reading difficult, a social worker or aide will be happy to read your letter aloud to them.

Send a scrapbook

Scrapbooks can be any number of pages, fancy or fun, and no real crafting talent is required! What’s important is that the scrapbook contain pictures and memorabilia that elicit smiles on your loved one’s face! Some scrapbook ideas: “My Favorite Vacation With You;” “What I Remember Most;” “25 Reasons Why I Love You;” “Top Ten Funny Moments Together.”

Get in some face time

With so many digital options, it’s easy to get in some face time with your loved one. If you have a smart phone or iPad, you can use the FaceTime application to hold a video conversation. From your computer or iPad, you can also utilize the Zoom application for video conferencing. (Please contact your designated social worker to schedule a time to connect, so that we can set up your loved one with an iPad.)

Send an email

Any time you want to send a quick note, feel free to contact your loved one through email. Our staff will print out and read your message to your resident. Residents may not always be able to write back via email, but rest assured that they’ll get your message. Indicate to whom you’d like your message sent, and email us at: mmhtr@mnmasonic.org.

Create custom postcards

There are many online services out there that allow you to design your own postcards from your computer. Design a bunch and plan to send one every few days to your loved one! Try CardsDirect or VistaPrint.